Why We Are Different

Why We Are Different


Be Media Inspired.

At MediaInspired.net…

We’re writers by nature and nurture.

We love to tell beautiful, free-flowing stories;

Creative storytelling that piques the target readers’ interest,

Sustains it till the end and moves the readers to take the desired action.


We know all the facets of copywriting and digital marketing like the back of our hands.

We analyse the target audience’s demographics and psychographics.

We craft tailored messages that drip with meaning and creativity.

We explore the power of words and ideas.

We apply the science of persuasion.

We advance your goals into demonstrable results

We convert readers into brand believers and loyal clients/customers.

We fully maximise our top-level skills and wide, international experience;

Plus the latest and the most effective tools and techniques in the business and art for you.

We’re the gurus you can count on. Just the wordsmiths you need

Whatever your writing, digital marketing or brand management needs…

We’re your friendly and dedicated brand writing/promotion partners.

We are young, vibrant and Nigerian – with solid expertise and background.

Get in touch now and let’s talk

We know the nitty-gritty of copywriting, SEO/digital marketing and brand management.

We’ve worked for some of the biggest brands in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Nigeria.

Our clients enjoy total satisfaction and are always happy to repeat business with us.

What’s that one hard question that keeps you up at night? That burns inside of you and you’ve been struggling to put into the perfect words? You know it’s buried somewhere in your head. You can’t quite articulate it, but you feel it might be the key to unlock the solution you need.

It’s your Big Idea.

At MediaInspired.net, our expertise lies in helping you to identify it and providing practical answers that give it all a meaning for you. It’s what we love to do.

As long as it lies in the domain of copywriting, digital marketing/SEO or brand/reputation management, we are your friendly and dedicated partners.

We will work with you to build and strengthen emotional connection with your audience, and help make your brand more vibrant, visible and valuable.

Just let us know what you’re curious about and we’ll help provide solutions with proofs of result.