Why Do You Need a Content Writer, Anyway?

11 May

First, you don’t need a website if you run a business. 

Aha! Your eyebrows are raised and you’re wondering, “What!?

But really, no. You don’t. 

Okay. Actually, yes and no. I’ll explain. 

You shouldn’t simply set up a website with just your business logo and some thin, filler content. 

What you need is a website with compelling, free-flowing content that excites and converts!

It’s simply not enough to have a website these days. And with this need often comes the need to outsource the writing of content.

Here’s A Common Mistake Most Websites Owners Make…

One other error I’ve noticed most business owners make with their website content is not including a blog page. Beyond the traditional pages the ‘about us’ and ‘our services’ landing pages, you should also include a page for original and niche-relevant blog posts. 

Blogging is an effective way of promoting and establishing your brand an industry authority and driving traffic to your web. It’s also highly useful for your SEO and Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking.

In other words, the higher your blog content ranks on Google, the more likely it is that web users will click on your popped-up link and be directed to your website. 

So, how do you piece together (and consistently so) great content that will move web users to want to read or know more?  

You may want to write it yourself. But do you have the skills, range and experience? How about other areas of your business that constantly need your core professional and admin skills? Do you have the time or can you afford taking on an extra major task? Does it even make economic sense? 

Truth is, writing great content is hard work, and writing content that converts business prospects to buyers is really hard work. It’s the reason an increasing number of businesses hire professional copywriters to write compelling content for their website services pages and regularly help churn out great posts on their blog page. 

Now, you understand why you need a skilled and experienced copywriter for your website project. But let me detail a little further on some of the specifics benefits you’ll enjoy when you take that vital step. 

How Can A Content Writer Help Your Business? 

At some point, while reading this, you’ve probably wondered, “Hey, why don’t I hire an industry expert instead to write content for my website?” 

Well, you shouldn’t. What you should do is hire an expert writer, not an expert on your business niche. 

Why? Because there’s a big difference. 

First, your ‘business expert’ will simply write like a business expert that they are. And what your average reader will see is a big block of text filled with jargon and technical nuances. No real communication. No real conviction. No real impact. And no serious action from your target audience. 

You see, on the other hand, a professional copywriter understands that few people read these days. Many just scan. 

Your copywriter knows the average reader on the Internet today takes just between 5 and 10 seconds to decide whether to continue to read a content piece or ‘bounce’ away. 

Just 5 to 10 seconds to grab the prospect’s attention and intrigue them enough to want to fully check out your product or service.  

A professional copywriter knows and factors this in their writing. They know how to grab and hold attention and still effectively communicate your brand message. 

Here are other ways a skilled and experienced copywriter can help your business. 

They simplify and articulate your unique selling point 

The copywriter understands the importance of identifying, analysing and focusing on a specific target market while communicating your brand message. 

They may need to interview your employees and prospects to get a good insight into the market segment to zero in on. Then they find out about their likes, dislikes and their gamut of psychographics to help shape the copywriter’s writing style and tone.   

True, a copywriter may not be an expert in your industry like you, but they don’t need to be. They have a good grasp of your target demographics and their idiosyncracies. That knowledge will help your copywriter translate and break down your technical jargon into simple, free-flowing and connected words your audience can easily relate and respond to. 

They find the ‘sweet spots’ in your message and highlight them

Skilled content writers are capable and creative. They’re constantly thinking about your subject in fascinating ways.

A pro copywriter knows how to deliver the promise of ‘solution’ the reader is looking for, but still couches it in surprising and interesting angles that catch attention and draw interest.

They know your brand elements that best connect with your prospects 

A professional content knows content strategy like the back of their hands. Your copywriter understands the psychology of headlines, sub-headings, copy body, bullet points, and CTAs (call-to-action)  and elements that make content widely read and shared. They know what kinds of material fits well in blog posts and what’s best saved for a landing page or for email marketing.

They can optimise your content for Google

 You want good content that your target readers will love and find useful. But, first, your audience needs to find your content before they read it. They need to be able to discover snippets on Google top pages and then ‘land’ on your website to read the full content. 

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of other content pieces competing for the same web user. So, how can you make yours stand out on Google SERP? 

A skilled and experienced copywriter understands how. He constantly studies and understands SEO. He knows keywords, meta tags, density, and link text and applies best practises to help optimise your page. 

They will project your expertise and reinforce your industry authority 

In copywriting, every word counts. No fluffs. No filler words. Only useful and free-flowing words that connect with the target readers. Words that underline your website and brand as a dependable ‘problem-solver’ and industry leader for its target market.  

So…What Should You Look Out For When Hiring a Copywriter for Your Website? 

No matter how big or small your business is, you may be demarketing it if you don’t have a good website with great content.  Never has digital marketing anchored on rich and moving content been more important than now.

The average consumer today simply turns to the Internet to ‘window shop’ and then check out top businesses that offer the needed good or service. Here’s one incredible piece of statistics: a whopping 81% of consumers will carry out an online research before making a purchase. 

Choosing the right person to express your message accurately is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. It’s crucial to work with someone with significant skills who genuinely understands your product and can persuasively write for sales. 

They are professionals through and through 

Good copywriters have the skills and experience. They have a good mastery of language and grammar and have been copywriting for businesses in your industry for a significant number of years. 

Although great copywriting skills and experience are the key qualities, you should also have a glance at the writer’s university major. English? Communications? Journalism? Good!

They genuinely understand the importance of deadlines 

How urgent is the content writing project? How geographically close is the copywriter to you? Do you live in the same time zone? If not, can you work out convenient turnover times and deadlines and trust them to keep to their words?   

They are available 

Being skilled and experienced are not enough to get a copywriter successfully deliver a good content project completed on time. It’s also important they don’t have another major copywriting project on their table taking a large chunk of their time. Without enough time and energy, even a brilliant copywriter will hand over a sloppy work to you. 

They have an impressive portfolio 

Ask to see the portfolio of the writer. They should be able to show you samples from previous successfully completed projects and published works. Request to see samples within your niche or industry or that are similar to your project. Go with a candidate who has specific experience in your industry.

They have good reviews and references

Most copywriters would keep a list of references you can call to verify their competencies or sterling reviews from past clients. Read it carefully. And also take note of the copywriter’s view of their current and past clients. These should give you an insight into the kind of business partnership you’re about to enter. 

They buy into your idea 

One final piece of the jigsaw: When discussing your project with the copywriter, try to gauge their level of interest. You want to work with someone who not only understands your project and vision but is also excited about it. Not someone who’s just interested in the payment. Doing this one last check can help to guarantee an even more spectacular work for your website. 


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