Website Blogging/SMM

Website Blogging/SMM

Give your brand more visibility with regular SEO-optimised blog stories

Most websites boast nice and exciting design. Beautiful graphics and a great interface!

But often a vital piece of the puzzle is missing: A vibrant, informative, and engaging blog page.

And that’s one place MediaInspiredNG can help you achieve a 360 degrees transformation.

Truth is, most websites owners don’t really understand the importance of an interesting and regularly populated/updated business blog page on their website.

But with a thin or no blog page, your business website misses out on a chance to:

  • Show your brand or company as an industry authority to web users.

  • Make your page SEO-optimised and show up often on Google top pages

  • Boost customer confidence and drive organic traffic to your website.

  • Generate market leads with blog posts that attract and engage readers and convert them interest to action.

  • Improve your business presence on social media with clickable content you and your fans can share.

Would you like to have an agreed number of brilliant and 100% unique posts on your website blog page every month?

Another thing you’ll love about us is our rate. Simply friendly.

And did we mention every blog post we do for you will be top quality, original, fresh, relevant and niche-perfect blog posts?

Relax and sip tea, while we fully manage your website blog & social media pages

A variety of crisp, concise, free-flowing, enriching and engaging blog posts (800-1000 words each). Yes, technical and informative too – but certainly not jargon-y.  A great balance for your primary audience!

Plus you get the first blog post free for the first month when you sign up.

Rich information your target readers will find useful and that’ll make them coming back for more and possibly check out your products or service offerings.

And that’s because we’ll ensure your blog posts are creatively slanted to suit your business interest and objectives – without overtly appearing so.

Sounds awesome? Click the button below and let’s chat.