Staff/Team Training

Staff/Team Training

Bring your team up to speed with the art and science of modern and effective writing

…with our tailored WRITEPAL WORKSHOPS

While not everyone can be a great copywriter, anyone can be a confident writer.

Anyone can consistently pen communication or messages that succinctly capture the intended idea and  can elicit the expected response from the target audience.

It is also important that the writing echoes a distinct brand personality and modern corporate communication ethos.

That is what our short training programmes will do for your staff or team. They will learn to firmly grasp the essentials of copywriting and put your brand story into action.

The certain result is a more corporate, more productive and socially healthier working environment.

Just like you, we don’t like or do ‘boring’

You know, because boring is, well, soo b-o-r-i-n-g, placid, uninteresting and often a complete waste of time.

Instead, we like our classes fun and interactive, and yet organised and orderly. It helps to keep everyone talking, interested and writing, which are altogether a great way to learn and retain knowledge.

But, even more critically, upgrading your staff or team with fine writing skills with the WRITEPAL WORKSHOP will ensure you introduce and sustain a clear ‘voice’ to your organisation, and therefore, a stronger brand identity.

Simply dial our number or send us an email for programme and planning details.