Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Forget your achievements, your reputation is everything.
And it’ll follow you everywhere.


The irony is that it doesn’t matter if it is a false or even ridiculous representation; it is what you will be judged by.

The truth is, people do not want to deal with individuals or businesses with question marks about their reputation.  That’s why 90% of people will ‘Google’ an individual or organisation first before choosing to patronise or do business with them.

You probably have realised that already. But to put it in sharper perspective, you see, with just a single Tweet, Facebook post, YouTube video upload or blog story, you could have a reputation crisis/public relations nightmare on your hands – capable of ruining your brand in seconds.

…Yes, all of that reputation it took you years to build could sink down the drain in moments.

Scary? We know…and that’s why we’re here for you.

With the explosive nature of the Internet today, information can spread at the speed of light, especially when it’s unsavoury or negative.

Yep, you know that already too. Bad news (especially about public figures) spread like wildfire. And ultimately, it can result in loss of brand trust, clients and revenue.

We know the importance of a good reputation and we can help.

With our bespoke reputation management services; businesses, high-profile persons and regular individuals can have any bad or negative reputation reversed in no time and gain trust, value and patronage again with lasting results.

When you come to us, first we’ll do a detailed client reputation audit with you, and then we get to work with fixing the damaged part or parts of your current public/business profile.