Non-Fiction Ghostwriting

Professional Non-Fiction Ghostwriting & Editing Services

Do you have a brilliant idea, a fascinating or inspiring true life story?
Or do you have some great expertise you want to document in a book or simply explore to grow your platform?

Perhaps you need to give a high-stake speech at a major business or political conference, but don’t have speechwriting or non-fiction ghostwriting gurus on your team.

Have you previously tried to work with a ghostwriter before and it was a disaster, to say the least?

We know that feeling.

Suddenly you’re struggling to get their full attention and focus as they’d promised at the beginning. They disappear for a long time.  They didn’t even listen well to you; and, in the end, you’re left with a book or speech that has no semblance to your original idea or goal.

Sounds familiar? We know because it is the story of many of our clients. But with us, you can finally smile with a publication you’re proud of – from C-level autobiographies to family histories and other nonfictions.

Become a Proud Author

Whether you want to document your proud life history, share business wisdom with the next generation, or gain traction for a political message, our discreet and professional ghostwriters at can help you make it a reality.

With us, you are guaranteed optimum-value ghostwriting, editing and publishing solutions at your doorstep!

Our team of specialist ghostwriters are well-versed and equipped with all the tools required to help you achieve that milestone. We are your go-to experts to give a voice to your ideas and make it heard when, where and how you want it.

Now, what are your ghostwriting or editing service needs?

  • C-Suite Management Books?
  • Autobiography?
  • Keynote speech?
  • Memoir?
  • Religious Books?

We'll provide you the total non-fiction ghostwriting package


Write, edit, proofread.

Writing, editing, professional advice, publishing services… everything you need to bring your ideas to life and achieve success.


Design, publish, promote.

From the interviewing session with the client (you) to researching and outlining, and on to the actual writing, reviewing and proofreading, we ensure everything is done with accuracy and precision.


The whole nine yards.

From the planning to the end product where you finally have your book or motivating speech in hard or soft copy (or both), we’ll ensure you’re beaming with a smile at the end of the entire process.